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What is authentic Reparative Therapy?

Why would RT clients actually express that   their own inner experience of manhood feels better than sexual attraction to men?                              READ BELOW...

Sound Psychodynamic Therapy
  Healing wounds and unmet needs...
 ...Resolving causes of homosexuality

       So many clients are reporting the same emotional change  experience, some over relatively short periods, some much longer.


Gender Identity inferiority, or dysphoria, especially during a young child's gender/sexuality developmental years, can be a traumatic experience that is reinforced with Shame-Based Self-Beliefs for many years. For the pre-homosexual boy, and for adult men, bullying and repetitive shaming of gender identity from primary male relationships, frequently imbed this undeserved shame into the mind of the client. The client experiences emotional wounds, (often repressed), that prevent the journey from boyhood into manhood from being fully realized. Maleness becomes an object to the client instead of something wonderful that is subjectively experienced in their own body and mind. The result?...In puberty, when sexual hormones "kick in," masculinity is objectified and sexualized.


Reintegrative Therapy, helps a client resolve these wounds, which   can result in the spontaneous lessening and/or dissipation of homosexual feelings. The wounds are replaced by confident subjective feelings of masculinity and self-esteem. Attractions for women can arise as well. Regardless, a man can move toward authenticity. Real RT is all about the rise of the authentic self.

Real Reintegrative Therapy is SAFE-T    

Sexual attraction fluidity exploration in therapy 

  SAFE-T is the broad, professional term for any type of change therapy that is                            conducted by licensed, trained professional therapists.

          "Is there something going on               underneath my homoerotic feelings?"

​Male need fulfillment

​Affirmation of gender identity, Approval (unconditional love) from primary male relationships, and Affection, are inborn needs. If these needs are unfulfilled, homosexual attractions in puberty and adulthood can result. Reintegrative Therapy helps a boy or man fulfill and "take in" these needs. This can result in the dissipation of homosexual feelings and prepare him to move toward heterosexual attractions for women.

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