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In my opinion, these are some of the finest books written about homosexuality,  

all from sound therapeutic, scientific and personal viewpoints.

                                                                                                       David Pickup, LMFT



    National Association for Research and

           Therapy for Homosexuality



Personal stories written by real men and women from    all over the world who have experienced significant  change in sexuality via professional therapy.







The JiM Weekend  Weekend experiences that help men gain need fulfillment, resolve gender identity inferiority, and increase self-esteem through an emotionally safe environment.



The director of PATH, Richard Cohen, M.A. is an author, educator, and psychotherapist. He is a proponent of Sexual Orientation Therapy. Cohen founded the International Healing Foundation in 1990 (dissolved in 2015), through which he promoted his ideas about gender identity and sexual orientation issues. Today he is the executive director of Positive Approaches To Healthy Sexuality ( and has authored five books. 


Cohen, who was gay in his youth, underwent years of psychotherapy in an attempt to heal childhood issues which he felt led to his same-sex attractions. He says that his therapy and personal growth helped him to understand his same-sex attractions, and to eventually transition to heterosexuality. Cohen lives in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area with his wife of forty years and has three adult children.  

These resources may be helpful - David Pickup, LMFT

These two landmark books show real-world evidence that homosexual feelings are not genetic and can shift or change over time. The deep insights into sexuality issues are abundant for all to see and especially for licensed clinicians. 

Trans L S.jpg

In my opinion, this is one of the greatest books written about the heart and soul of homosexuality by an author who is not a therapist.

This book is one of the most well documented and clear histories about the rise of homosexual philosophy in the United States.

This new book powerfully portrays the human toll when experts push gender transition on those who don’t need it. Included are emails from 30 transgender individuals, plus the latest research and a special section on trans children.

Dr. Nicolosi guides parents into relationship experiences that hit the heart of how specific relational tools can help to insure identity attachment and can help prevent homosexual issues in their children. This book is full of the keys to loving your children via need fulfillment. 

Heart of Female SSA.jpg

This book is a must-read for women, girls and parents. It is one of the greatest books written by a professional woman for women. The basics are here. 

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