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  Image Transformation Therapy (ImTT)

                                                         There is a new therapeutic method that I think is going to change the world and will have a 

                                                         much more successful and quick effect on addictions, depression, anxiety, and even 

                                                         homosexual/heterosexual porn, gender dysphoria and other issues. Image Transformation

                                                         Therapy (, is professional therapy conducted by licensed, trained

                                                         therapists across the United States. It is having an extremely fast and thorough effect on all of

                                                         these issues, and the case histories of success are increasing over the last three years. 


                                                         For any addiction, or unwanted behavior that is difficult to resolve, the theory is that underlying

                                                         deep trauma has prevented the fulfillment of a survival or essential need. Because those

                                                         survival needs must be filled in some way, fulfillment comes from being "hooked up" with the

                                                         dysfunctional behavior/identity in the mind. The person returns unconsciously to this

                                                         dysfunctional behavior/identity because it is actually an attempt to fulfill the survival or

                                                         unfulfilled need that could not be resolved from earlier trauma. The greater the trauma, the 

                                                         greater the addiction intensity. 


The "hook-up" I just mentioned is called a Feeling State. In therapy, when you remove the Feeling State from the mind, the behavior/identity issues can resolve or cease, and the authentic self will rise automatically. For instance, if a girl is traumatized and feels trapped in terror for not being safe, (a primal need issue) she may resort to a drug high to make her feel safe. NOT returning to the drug high is just like telling her brain that she can't be safe, which is why it is so extremely difficult to stop the addiction. In her case, drugs = safety, which of course is not real safety. In the case of Gender Dysphoria, the "high" for a girl who is desperate to be male often means she was not emotionally safe as a girl due to abuse issues. Asking her not to be male is just like telling her brain that she can't be safe, and there's the real issue. 


So, how to resolve the "hook-up?" Actually, the brain knows how to heal itself with the help of a therapist guide. Thus the practice of ImTT. In short, the image of the trauma and the associated trauma feelings are dissipated out of the image within the mind and body that holds the addiction. The trauma removal is completed, and the addiction ends. Some of our clients, whatever their addiction such as drugs, homosexual/heterosexual porn, Gender Dysphoria, electronics, etc., either almost or completely end their addictions, and they begin to go away often within the first few sessions. In some cases it may take a month, sometimes four or more months depending on the trauma/addiction level. The addiction or undesired behavior essentially ceases because the trauma and the feeling state have resolved and unhooked. During and after resolution, it is essential that inborn needs for safety, affirmation, same-sex approval/affection, and other important needs are fulfilled in healthy ways that the client determines truly work for him or her. 


This may sound miraculous at first. This reaction is similar to how Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) sounded 30 years ago when introduced for trauma. But EMDR is now the top treatment for PTSD in America. However, almost every single one of our clients are having the same reactions, and their addictions apparently are not coming back even after months and years, and they appear to be permanent. Many of us are impressed by the quick and thorough success of ImTT, but we'll be monitoring for permanence over the next year and beyond. Of course, no guarantees of success can be made by any therapist for any issue, but we are greatly impressed with efficacy to date. 


I have found no risks at all in undergoing this therapy so far, and all our clients report no risk factors other than the common factors associated with any form of professional therapy for any issue. Our clients are happily affected, and we are as well. Please see your therapist about any questions you may have. We are most happy to explore this therapy with you. 

David Pickup, LMFT-S

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