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Change Therapy…is love.

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

#ChangeTherapyIsLove Professional therapy essentially deals every day with pain, anxiety, depression, cognitive distortions that make us feel out of kilter or out of options. But let's face it, good therapy for whatever issue you're dealing with is about the deep end of the ocean of what love is…what it means. If there's real love in the world, why are so many people in therapy? Or, why do so many more people need to be in therapy?

That's what this new blog will explore…what love looks like, what it thinks, what choices it makes, how it feels, how some kinds of love (actually love that involves other issues) really don't work, and the heartbreaking human failures that WE ALL SHARE that makes love so extremely difficult over the years.

I'm a licensed psychotherapist who is also a human being. I found out it is possible to be an insightful, compassionate, talented and successful therapist for so many people, and it will also be true forever that I'm subject to all the heartbreaks and mistakes that most other people make. This is an invitation to follow a blog that will include all of the above that is a way for me to express myself in dealing with my own issues, but hopefully in such a way that creates help, hope and love to those who seek the same.

And that brings me to the first principle of real love…facing reality and loving anyway. Please don't make the mistake of taking what I'm writing about, or feeling, and then expect me to be a "guru" preeminence. Take what you will from this blog for you if it fits. Throw it out if it doesn't. Next post…fleshing out reality and loving anyway.

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