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NET and.OBJ code for better documentation. Visualize the behavior of your programs at runtime in 3D, in seconds. A small tool, for better project efficiency. As a powerful extension to your Visual Studio, it helps you find all the performance bottlenecks in your code and gives you an overview over their impact at runtime. About Imagix 4D =============== Imagix 4D is a powerful extension to your Visual Studio environment that helps software developers for better project efficiency. As an extension, it helps you with finding performance bottlenecks, giving you an overview over their impact at runtime. The main tool features are: - Visualization of your.NET code and a lot of other parameters, which is used to help you understand and improve complex, third party or legacy source code. - Runs your code at runtime and shows the .NET Framework information as an overlay. - Visualizes memory consumption at runtime in 3D and is a useful tool to quickly find memory leaks. Imagix 4D is a very small tool, because we do not want to disturb the user experience during the creation of a new project. Therefore, the tool consists only of an .exe file, which you can easily integrate into your Visual Studio. Imagix 4D is developed and maintained by [josipmatula]( and [tkaik]( a student team in the course IT SIS5206 at the Technical University of Munich. More information about Imagix 4D can be found on the project home page. Support ======= For support with your problems, send us an email at . Next steps ========== If you like the project and want to help us, there are two options: - Become a contributor and get a patch-set for your favorite feature. - Join our team. Our [wiki]( is online and you can get an overview of the whole development process. You can contact us via GitHub, Twitter (@imagix), [Slack]( or [




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Imagix 4d Crack Free Download slabel

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